# Manual Setup

"Manual Installation" is basically walking through the steps of the Johnny Decimal CLI's jd install command.

This is preferred when you want to give Johnny Decimal less permissions.

# Install Deno

This step is still the same! Head to the Deno homepage (opens new window)!

# Setup Johnny Decimal CLI

# Create .jd Directory

This is where we house our cd script, our configuration file, and any plugins. The shape of the directory is as follows.

  > plugins
  - config.yaml
  - main.sh
  • The plugins dir is where we install plugins.
  • The config.yaml file is our configuration. We can enable plugins by adding pluginsEnabled: true.
  • main.sh is our shell script (opens new window) that we use for changing directories. It's not strictly necessary, but is really helpful.

# Update Shell Config

First, we need to add our environment variables. This can be added in a variety of locations, depending on your shell, but I add these to my .zshrc file:

export JD_HOME="$HOME/Root" # Your Johnny Decimal Root
source $HOME/.jd/main.sh    # Source our cd script

And that's it! Our setup is done!

# Install Johnny Decimal CLI

Now that our manual setup is done, we will never need to use jd install. This allows us to ignore a bit of the otherwise-required permissions.

The core of this command is still:

deno install --name=jd https://deno.land/x/[email protected]/main.ts

We will want to tag on permissions as necessary:

deno install --name=jd --allow-env https://deno.land/x/[email protected]/main.ts

As an example, probably the most locked-down install of Johnny Decimal CLI would probably look something like this:

deno install --name=jd --allow-env=HOME,JD_HOME,JD_DIR --allow-read=$JD_HOME,$HOME/.jd https://deno.land/x/[email protected]/main.ts

And we're done! Setup Complete!

# Permissions

Here s a list of all the permissions we use for different things...

# --allow-env (required)

Currently, this permission is Required to use Johnny Decimal CLI.

It is used for reading the environment variables:

  • $HOME - We use this for jd install, which adds lines to your .
  • $JD_HOME - Directs
  • $JD_DIR - This generally .jd.


# --allow-read (required)

This is required, and is used for reading files in your Johnny Decimal directory. You CAN however, narrow the usage of this api like so:


Here, we allow reading our Johnny Decimal Filesystem Root ($JD_HOME), and the directory where Johnny Decimal CLI is storing both settings and plugins (.jd)

# --allow-net (optional)

This is used for downloading dependencies of plugins. It is not necessary if either:

  1. You don't use plugins
  2. Your plugins do not have any dependencies

Most strict version allowed currently is: --allow-net=https://deno.land.

# --allow-write (optional)

This is used by jd install, jd uninstall, and jd plugins commands (for writing to .jd/config.yaml). If you manually install Johnny Decimal CLI, then this permission is not necessary

# --allow-run (optional)

This is used by the jd open command. If you do not use that or any plugins that use Deno.run, this permission is optional.